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Royal Prime Vinyl Window Line

New Construction and Replacement Windows

Vinyl Windows

It is universally known that vinyl windows are the most reliable and energy efficient windows on the market. Since 1978, Royal Prime has manufactured its very own signature line of fully-welded vinyl windows in its central New Jersey window facility.

Vinyl Window Styles

Standard and Custom Styles and Sizes

Royal Prime's has an expansive vinyl window collection to best accommodate your building's or home's unique style and needs. Whether you're looking for a style that is sleek and modern or ornate and traditional, Royal Prime has the perfect vinyl window solution for your budget.

Window Styles

We offer a full array of traditional and custom windows styles. All our window styles have energy efficient options and are Energy Star rated. We also offer custom and decorative window options.

Custom Sizes

In addition, our vinyl windows are available in awning, hopper and custom styles. Custom vinyl windows can be ordered to fit openings of various shapes and sizes.

Exterior Color Options

We offer 10 custom color coated exterior options to ensure your window's appearance fits with your property's style. Furthermore, all Royal Prime Windows include an industry leading 10 year warranty on all vinyl window colors.











Glass Options

Royal Prime can create decorative and stained glass windows. Every piece of our art glass is handcrafted in our Kenilworth facility and can be designed to meet any style or artistic vision for your window.

Energy Efficient Windows

All our vinyl windows have various options for energy efficiency including Low-E, Argon, and Warm-Edge spacer systems.

Why Homeowners and Building Owners Choose Royal Prime Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl Window Manufacturer and Installer

  • Energy Efficient - Reduces heating and cooling fuel costs
    • Every window is constructed with Royal Prime's high-caliber 7/8" glass. This high-caliber glass delivers the industry's best thermal performance reducing your cooling and heating costs.
    • Our sashes and frames are equipped with heavy duty hardware and weather-stripping materials. This design ensures weather tight performance by eliminating drafts.
  • Durability- Made with firm, impact resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with multi hollow chambers for insulation, our windows are constructed in a manner that stands the test of time and delivers energy efficiency for a lifetime.
  • 100% Maintenance Free - Our vinyl windows never need to be painted or stained making them 100% maintenance free.
  • Safety - All of our windows are designed and built with high quality materials which improve child safety and decrease the risk of intrusion.
  • Noise Reduction - Using only high quality materials, our windows are design to keep street noise to minimum.
  • Made in America - Every window in manufactured in our central NJ window facility, or a US based manufacturer's facility.
  • No Headaches - Having one company create and install your windows eliminates all issues between the manufacturer and installer.
  • SAVE BIG - Royal Prime manufacturers its own window lines, eliminating the middle man and providing contractors with wholesale pricing. We are also certified distributors for several other products, and as a result we have price structures significantly lower that our competitors.
  • Beyond Installation - After installation, homeowners and building owners will not only enjoy the benefits of lower heating and air conditioning costs, but delight in their increased room comfort.

Royal Prime Window Lines

Royal Primes Offers Two Lines of Vinly Windows

Royal Prime Vinyl Windows

Royal Prime Vinyl Windows Available

Royal Prime Model 2000 double hung window - The Model 2000 is our base model fully welded double hung window. Perfect for quick remodeling projects and flips, the model 2000 is a basic and reliable window product. Energy-Star, and decorative upgrade options are available. (.28 U-Value w/ Low-E Argon Glass Upgrade)

Royal Prime Model 9700 double hung window - The Model 9700 offers all the features and benefits of the Model 2000 window, with a sleeker look. The model 9700 is known for its classic styling and superior energy performance. With nicer hardware and finishing the model 9700 is the perfect setup-up from the model 2000. A plethora of upgrade options are available. (.28 U-Value w/ Low-E Argon Glass Upgrade)

Royal Prime casement window - Casement, or "crank out windows" from Royal Prime are the most reliable on the market. With smooth operating hardware and excellent energy ratings, our casement windows are the best on the market. (.27 U-Value w/ Low-E Argon Glass Upgrade)

Royal Prime slider window - Our slider windows have the same classic styling, and performance benefits of the model 9700 except it slides left and right to open instead of up and down like a double hung window. Slider windows are perfect for basements, laundry rooms, and more. (.28 U-Value w/ Low-E Argon Glass Upgrade)

Royal Prime hopper window - The most basic product in our window line, Royal Prime hopper windows are perfect for basements, attics and more. Simply turn the handle and flop them in for easy ventilation.

Why Homeowners and Building Owners Choose
Royal Prime Windows

  • SAVE MONEY - Factory Direct Pricing
  • NO HASSLE - Factory Trained, Professional Window Installers
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Family Owned and Operated for Over 60 Years
  • Convenient Showroom - Kenilworth, Central NJ
  • Royal Prime Warranty
  • 0% Financing Available - for Residential Windows, Doors, and Siding

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Royal Prime Vinyl Window Services

Our window experts specialize in vinyl window installation and replacement. Our comprehensive services include consultation, field measurement, fabrication, and installation of your new or vinyl replacement windows. We provide and install both commercial and residential windows for homeowners, building owners, and contractors.

What Vinyl Window Is Right for Your Home or Building?

Windows for Life: No vinyl window on the market outperforms Royal Prime's vinyl window line in terms of its energy efficiency, durability and customization. In addition, Royal Prime is a manufacturer, as well as installer, so you will SAVE BIG on factory direct windows.

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Whether you need vinyl replacement windows or new construction windows, our window specialists will provide you with complete specifications and options. They also help you choose the perfect windows for your home's or building's style and budget.

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At Royal Prime, we have an uncommon "no pressure" sales philosophy. Being a commercial window wholesaler and installer puts us in the rare position to offer prices significantly less than our competitors'. Because of our unique position in the marketplace, we are happy to provide a FREE, NO PRESSURE ESTIMATE for new or replacement windows for your home or business, and often are able to provide a "ballpark" estimate over the phone. This approach has been so successful, many our customers often comment on how they appreciated our "no-nonsense approach" to providing the best window products at a fair price.

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